We help your music be discovered

Have you ever noticed that your music sounds weaker or thinner comparing to other commercial releases? Or have you ever noticed that your music sounds different on your phone, car stereo, computer speakers? Or may be you just need a fresh professional view on your productions and mixes to add a subtle final polish? Our innovative professional mastering subscription service may be just what you are looking for! Start your journey towards next level of music production here and today with a free sample master and no obligations!

Get better with us!

Discover audio is professional mastering service provider with innovative approach. That is why we invented our highly motivating subscription programmes. More you do with us - better rates you get! And if you just want to try - get a free sample mastering!

We don't limit our subscriptions to singles and albums like many others: you get discounted rates for a time period - not for the quantity of tracks you initially submit! Obviously, we can work with your entire releases, but it also means you can submit more material for mastering and get better rate later! We don't simply do professional on-time mastering, we also understand your specific needs and motivate you by enhancing your productivity! Moreover, we have personal approach to every track and understand your needs and visions to make your ideas come true. Please drop us a note to discuss how we can help your ideas be discovered today!

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